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Week 2, 11:00 class

Tombigbee Waltz

The Lilting Fisherman

The Lilting Fisherman slow

Jerry’s Beaver Hat

Jerry’s Beaver Hat slow

Week 2, 10:00 class

Devil’s Dream

Devil’s Dream slow


Miroirs slow

Bouree d’Auvergne

Bouree d’Auvergne slow

Bouree d’Auvergne viola A part

Week 2, 9:00 class

Swallowtail Jig

Devil’s Dream

The Sligo Maid

The Sligo Maid slow

Maid Behind the Bar

Maid Behind the Bar slow

Week 1, 11:00 class

An Dro in A minor – harmony

An Dro in B minor – harmony

Tombigbee Waltz

An Dro in A minor

An Dro in B minor

Old Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark slow

Week 1, 10:00 class

Connachtman’s Rambles

Connachtman’s Rambles slow

Kesh Jig

Kesh Jig slow

John Brosnan’s

John Brosnan’s slow

Week 1, 9:00 class

Road to Errogie

Road to Errogie slow

Silver Spear

Silver Spear slow

Ship in Full Sail

Ship in Full Sail slow

Ithaca class 2/7

Links to some of the tunes from class today:

A new one – Tombigbee Waltz

and a few old ones –

An Dro in A minor
Beren Tanz
John Brosnan’s

We also talked about learning a tune called “Dancing Bear” (different from “Beren Tanz”!) to work on playing fast tunes with lots of notes, but didn’t learn much of it. I’ll try to get a recording up here soon.